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This is about to happen again.
It already happened during the last full moon. I was so scared. I didn't know how beautiful it was.
This is going to happen again. I can't fight against it and I don't want to.
It is stronger than me. This power, this animal instinct, this beast wants me. It wants to control me.
The worst thing it could happen happened, I like that. I like that so much.
I enjoy when I think about what is going to happen. My sense will become sharper.
First of all it will be becoming with my smell. I will have a keen sense of smell. I will be able to smell odour 10 miles around.
I will be able to know what people ate, drank, smoked just by smelling their breath.
then, my vision will become better. I will be able to find any lost things I usually look for. No more glasses and this look of nerd.
My earing will be the last remarkable sense to change. I will be able to listen a talk over the walls or on the other side of the street.
Definitively, I do like full moon night.
I know that one day it will takes the upper hand, the control of myself. It will dominate me forever and I will stay a wolf for all eternity.
I don't care about that. A shorter and full life is better to live that a long and boring life.

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